Peugeot Cars Offering a Fresh Take on Automotive Design in 2020

Peugeot Cars

While other automakers are only good for declarations of their future electric strategies the French Peugeot cars company is all business.

Taking a look at the upcoming 2020 lineup nearly every single model gets some sort of electrification without compromising on performance and looks.

These new arrivals are as stunning as ever and today we’ll be analyzing what you expect from Europe’s best-looking mass-market automobiles.

PEUGEOT 2008 & E2008

This new generation subcompact crossover arrives in 2020 rebuilt from the ground up just as the jewel weight hatch it comes underpinned by the PSAs a new command module platform that allows for both ice and electrified powertrains to be installed 

From launch, the model is offered with a variety of engine choices. There was the 1.2-liter pure tank gasoline that can be tuned to 102 132 or 156 horsepower or a 1.5 blue HDI diesel would 102 or 136 ponies. 

2008 was also chosen to become Passos’s first electric crossover getting a 136 horsepower motor juice by 50-kilowatt-hour battery and the setup delivers about 310 kilometers of emission list driving.

The entire range features the latest Peugeot 3d icon pits a seven or ten engines for processing and standard smartphone compatibility.


Last year we already mentioned the new second-generation version of this large family car that had debuted with a new emp2 platform, a loved back body and diesel and gasoline engines.

In 2020 the model offers another power train option, a plug-in hybrid that was previewed by the sport engineered concept.

For now, the production version arrives with the tamed specifications being equipped with a 1.6-liter petrol engine and a single electric motor with 110 HP.

The total system power reaches 225 ponies which is almost 2 times less than the 400 HP promised by the concept.

The car gets four driving modes being able to cover 53 kilometers on the electric power alone and returning 217 mpg and the hybrid Mode.

It comes with an optional 7.4 kilowatts onboard charger that allows you to recover eleven-point eight-kilo hour of battery capacity in just two hours.



Already on sale in Europe, the all-new 3008 PTV does not look much different from the ice sibling.

The model is distinguished by a couple of hyper badges and a sine color LED at the top of the windshield which lights up when the car is running in the electric mode.

It gets two plugin modifications, the entry-level hybrid with a 225 HP power train combining a four-cylinder engine and 110 horsepower motor good for forty kilometers of electric range, and the more expensive hybrid four.

The latter is powered by a 1.6-liter turbo engine and two electric motors third with a thirteen point two-kilo at our battery and a 4-wheel Drive making 300 horsepower and promising 60 + IV kilometers.

It also comes standard with a 7-kilo charger allowing for full battery replenishment and under two hours.

Unfortunately, the hybrid 4 is only available on the top-spec GT trim making the 10000 euros more expensive than the base hybrid.

PEUGEOT 208 & E208

PEUGEOT cars 208 & E208

On the market since 2012, the 208 belongs to the supermini segments and starting from 2020 it enters its second generation.

Available as gasoline diesel or a fully electric vehicle the model boasts of a new CMP architecture and bodywork that decreases overall weight and improves our dynamics.

The powertrain selection is represented by 1.2 liter 3-cylinder turbo in three states of tune a four-cylinder diesel making 100 ponies or a 136 horsepower electric motor 

The first to benefit from the stop-start tag and can be paired with either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic a similar box.

While the electric five-door it’s a 50-kilowatt-hour battery that is compatible with 100 kilowatts EC fast chargers.

The car offers three driving modes: normal eco and sport being able to cover 350 kilometers and the former and accelerating to 118 5 seconds in the latter.



By launching the electric version of the expert PEUGEOT strives to achieve two strategic goals, the first one is to get a 100% electrified fan range by 2021 and the second one is to solidify its leadership in the like commercial vehicle segments.

Like many other PSC models they E-EXPERT will be built on the EMP to the multi-energy platform and will offer two battery options, 50 or 75-kilowatt hour.

This means that the mid-sized van should be able to cover up to 200 or 300 kilometers according to the WLTP test cycle.

The official specifications are yet to be announced, Peugeot has already promised that the electric model will provide the same load-carrying capability as its internal combustion counterpart.



This is the newest rally model built by the company sports division that designs cars for competing in the WRC touring and endurance racing.

The car builds on the success of the branch currents to await ours to that sold over 450 units worldwide.

it is based on the second generation two away catch bag that is, however, a significantly reworked by the sport specialists. 

The 1.2-liter petrol pure tack yet sees bigger turbo any new Magneti Marelli engine management system increasing its output from 138 to 208 horses.

Rally 4 has already made its racing debut last November and its market premiere is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020 with the pricing of 66 thousand euros before taxes.



This is the second model joining the updated fiber weight range that arrives in 2020 with a sharper design that features any choice of two petrol for diesel and one plug-in hybrid drivetrain. 

The car is offered in four models active allure GT line GT and if you live in the UK 75 units have a special first edition version. 

Compared to the 508 lift back the SW wagon becomes more practical for a family due to its increased boot room of 530 liters.

In the case of the PHEV which gets the same 225 HP setup, this also results in a two-kilometer Lassa fever range that is expected to reach fifty-one kilometer.

The entire 508 SW roster gets a twelve-point three-inch dashboard head-up display mirror link infotainment with Apple and Android, multifunction steering wheel and emergency brake assist as standard equipment.



Aiming to show off it’s over landing potential a show gives the 3008 crossover and altering treatments. the 1f adventure version features an impressive list of ragged modifications including full underbody protection a front skid plates and Cooper 83 off-road tires 

In addition, there is a rifle aluminum roof rack that holds a powerful LED light bar and an expedition-style fully retractable roof tents by ARB.

In case you need a two-wheeler during the adventure the crossover is equipped with a bicycle rack at the rear the one-off is based on the GT line model and drives power from Lee 1.6 liter pure tech that produces 181 horsepower. 

French car designs truly speak to me and what about you do you agree that PEUGEOT deserves all the awards that their design teams are getting, share your opinion in the comment section. 

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