Honda Pet Seat Japan

Honda Pet Seat Plus Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

Honda Pet Seat accessories are accessible in Japan and even provided in its RideShare service, but not in America.

We love dogs here at, and so does Honda.

In fact, Honda loves dogs so much that it provides a whole collection of pet car accessories through its Honda Dog series in Japan, and this cool traveling car seat is among them.

Honda Pet Seat Plus

It’s called Pet Seat Plus Wan, and there isn’t a lot to say that the pictures don’t already show.

It’s for sure intended for smaller puppies however it mounts fine and neat into Honda cars and can be effortlessly taken out as well. 

Obviously, the seat isn’t clearly a regular one like you’d have for a child – the Pet Seat Plus Wan doesn’t restrain pups, however it does have an area to hook a lead if you so desire.

The mesh protecting on the top also can be opened if you have a well-behaved pooch that will stay in the carrier, or it can be closed to create a cocoon of cuteness.

Of course, the downside for us in the United States and Canada is that this doggie option – alongside with different Honda Dog series gadgets like blankets and seat covers – aren’t accessible here.

Once upon a time, Honda teased us with cool dog features for the long-dead Element, but that was our only taste of the company’s factory-backed four-legged features.

Honda Pet Seat Plus in Japan cars

These accessories have been around for a while, however Honda is now stretching the idea into its Japanese-based EveryGo ridesharing service.

The automaker launched the rental gadget in select cities throughout Japan in 2017, but rideshare customers can now take their pups along in cars already geared up with a variety of Honda Dog accessories.

A major source of concern for pet owners when traveling with dogs is safety.

Car safety features are designed for the weight and body position of human beings not pets.

That’s what put our dogs at big risk of serious head, neck, and back trauma in a high-speed crash, rollover or other vehicular accident.

And that’s what Honda is exactly working on to improve its latest model to be a pet friendly car.

Big thumb up for Honda’s effort to keep our puppies safe

Source: Honda Japan via Car Watch

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