[VIDEO] ‘Excited’ dog drives owner’s car into pond, gets rescued by locals

dog drives owner's car into pond

Dogs are known to do some very impressive stuff. Sometimes their behavior are so unexpected and spontaneous they surprise not just the owner but also millions of users on social media platforms.

That is the instant a dog drives his master’s SUV into a river after the driver left his car engine working and unexpectedly bumped it into gear by the excited pet.

Dog drives owner’s car into pond

A surveillance camera in Xinguang City, which is located in Pujiang County in Zhejiang Province of East China, caught the strange incident on 11 December.

The white SUV belonging to Mr Jia is seen parking next to other cars when it quickly steps forward and plunges into the water.

The car with its motor working and its open boot falls into the deep water, and Mr Jia appears seconds later, watching as it rolls slowly on the other side.

The pet of the hapless person, who he assumes was behind the accident, can be seen popping his head out of the sunroof as local residents try to rescue it.

dog drives owner's car into pond

Mr Jia said: “I was preparing to leave but remembered that I had left behind my wallet and a package of products. I unlocked my boot so that when I came back I could load the goods.

“As I came out, my dog noticed me and stood up because it was really excited. It pushed my car into gear somehow and moved it into the water.

“After crashing the car into the lake, local villagers helped rescue my puppy. I am extremely grateful to them.”

The video goes on to show somebody from the side of the pond to the falling car’s roof holding a board of what looks like wood.

A guy then steps slowly over to the car with a pole before falling down to his knees (hopefully in an attempt to save the puppy).

dog drives owner's car into pond

At the moment it would seem that pets are prone to being daft as one pet pooch in Port St. Lucie, Florida, has its owner in a panic after bringing their car for a ride.

Neighbors on a cul-de -sac were shocked as they came out of their homes and saw a grey car driving around in circles, with nobody obviously behind the wheel. Except there was, it wasn’t just the owner.

The car’s owner had just pulled up and got out of the vehicle for a moment according to news sources. It appears, though, that they made a stupid mistake of leaving their dog alone in the car for a split second and unfortunately a split second was what it all needed …

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