Car Wash Company Shares Pictures Of Customer’s Vehicle That Took Seven Hours To Clean

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A specialized Australian car wash company has posted pictures of a customer’s vehicle that was so messy that it took them seven hours to clean.

Proline Automotive, located in New South Wales’ Blue Mountains, posted pictures of the car’s interior which was strewn with wrappers, candy, dirt and crumbs.

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The company said it normally shares the ‘after’ pictures on its Facebook account, but in this case it thought people needed to see the ‘real devastation’ of the vehicle that it was struggling with – whether ‘carnage’ was an intentional joke, we can only guess.

The mobile car detailing company said in the article, which was posted on Wednesday: “We felt we should share a post, devoted to restoring the real devastation that this poor little Mazda had endured. Usually, we only want to share ‘after’ pictures but this one was too cool not to share.

“Seven hours were invested in cleaning this interior, giving it a second chance at life. Seats and carpets were shampooed and then removed to eliminate oily liquids, dark stains, and bad smells for multiple passes.

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“Obviously the remaining stains on the seats were caused by baby seats which are irreversible. Experts often suggest putting a towel under baby seats to families who have recently bought a new car to prevent this form of damage if baby seat protection standards approve of all that.

“These photos show the true ability of the equipment that we are carrying on board.”

The company stated that washing vehicles like this was ‘nothing new to us’ but other people were shocked by the Mazda situation in the comments.

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One user said: “How the actual f* do disgusting maggots actually let their s* get to this?? I’d HATE to see the state of this person’s house lol.”

Another added: “They’ve never washed their car!? that’s really disgusting.”

However others, particularly those with children, were more compassionate about the cleanliness of the vehicle, or lack thereof.

One person said: “Wow. I have an Imax, if you guys want a real challenge. Six babies under 7. It’s a bit feral!”

Another said: “Go out with a young child on a road trip.”

A third wrote: “Whoa!!! My ex wife has finally found a suitable challenger for poor car hygiene!!”

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