Casey Neistat Scratched A Stranger’s Car While Parking, And The Resulting Text Messages Are Surprisingly Great

Casey Neistat Scratched A Stranger's Car

Casey Neistat Scratched A Stranger’s Car — YouTube star, director, aficionado of electric skateboards, and an all-around nice guy.

Casey unintentionally hit someone’s car this morning when he was parking his pickup truck. He did the right thing, and left his phone number with a note, promising to pay for the scratch:

“This morning, as I was parking my truck, I hit a guys car,” Casey posted on Twitter. “Complete mistake, slight but visible scratch. I left a message on the wiper to the owner, and he sent me a text …”

And the response of the stranger was truly amazing:

“Don’t worry about scratch please,” wrote the anonymous car owner. “Any money you had to spend on my car is free to donate to a local food bank in Venice please.”

Casey offered Venmo the owner again for the damage, but also took him up on the charity idea and made a donation to the Regional Food Bank of Los Angeles.

The owner wrote back , saying that Casey shouldn’t think about it and thanking him for the donation, adding, “The world needs it now.”

Casey then shared their exchange of texts on Twitter, writing that he “was very much complaining about LA, lemme share why I love LA.”

He also explained how it happened the incident, which, LOL:

I love everyone in this story honestly. For being so generous, anonymous car owner. , Casey, just to be honest and leave a message. And most importantly, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in this crisis to keep people alive and fed. The planet wants Much more of this.

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