35 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Get A Flat Tire

flat tire

1 . Another lovely day in my Car!

2 . La di da, oh what a gorgeous – KAPLOW!

3 . Holy shit! Did I just run over a land mine?

4 . :: pulls over as the car ka-thunks :: It must just be my shocks. Or the road. Totally won’t be a flat tire, I bet.

5 . :: gets out and looks at a flat as fuck tire :: Juuuuust great.

flat tire

6 . OK, I’ll just change it myself.

7 . How hard can that be, right?

8 . I mean, those NASCAR crews do it in like two seconds.

9 . :: opens trunk and gets out spare :: It’s so small. Why is it so small? That can’t be safe.

10 . :: gets out jack :: This looks troublesome.

flat tire

11 . I should probably just call AAA.

12 . Crap. I don’t have AAA.

13 . Who do I know has AAA?

14 . Screw it. This is something I need to do on my own.

15 . :: grabs tire iron :: BRING IT ON, TIRE!

flat tire

16 . Wait, which way do I turn the lug nuts?

17 . LOL “nuts.”

18 . Crap. This is not budging.

19 . Maybe I should call my dad.

20 . Nah. The last thing I need right now is to hear, “See! You should have watched closer when I did it!”

flat tire

21 . Let me try one more time… Nope.

22 . Maybe a good Samaritan will stop and help me?

23 . But what if they actually turn out to be an axe murderer who wants my skin for lampshades?

24 . Why didn’t I check my tire pressure before leaving?

25 . Wait, do people do that? Never mind. This is pointless.

26 . I’m throwing in the towel.

27 . :: searches for “tire place” on Google Maps :: Well, there’s one a few blocks from here. Maybe I can make it there.

28 . :: puts everything back and gets in car :: Please make it there.

29 . :: ka-thunks all the way to the tire place at a snail’s pace :: Made it!

flat tire

30 . What a relief! I’m glad a professional is handling this.

31 . Hope they have the tire in stock.

32 . Hope they can get it done quickly.

33 . gets quote :: $200?!?!?! FOR ONE TIRE? DOES THAT COME WITH SEX?

34 . Is it too late to move to a place with good public transportation?

35 . :: hands over credit card :: Sorry, dad. I should’ve watched closer. As always, you were right.

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