Struggling rental car companies expected to sell vehicles at deep discounts

Take advantage of tryout periods

All the big car rental companies — Hertz, Hilton, Alamo Avis, Budget and others — list on their websites their rental cars available for sale. Shoppers can check for inventories, and test drives are typically much more accommodating than traditional used car dealers can find at. Drury said he could take his car off for hours before agreeing to buy it.

If you reside within 75 miles of one of their rental agencies, Hertz will also take the car to you for a test drive.

Shoppers can also have a vehicle “to rent to buy.” Hertz’s Rent2Buy service provides three-day rentals to potential customers who, if they like it, can buy the car. Enterprise provides a buyback period of seven days on its used vehicles. According to the company’s website, the car can be returned during that week for the purchase price, minus a $200 restocking charge.


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