Rare Hot Wheels Camaro could be worth over $100,000

It was originally sold for 59 cents.

rare hot wheels camaro car

A rare Hot Wheels Camaro car from the 1960s, which at first sold for simply 59 cents, has been valued at more than $100,000.

Celebrity toy collector Joel Magee has obtained one among the rarest Hot Wheels cars ever made, and it’s going to be really worth an astronomical amount.

The 1968 Custom Camaro used to be one of a handful of Enamel White prototypes for the unique “Sweet 16” car that were never meant to be sold.

Joel Magee

It’s uncommon to see a six-figure Camaro, even more so when that Camaro measures just three inches.

Designers painted the vehicles white near the end of the process to help spot imperfections, according to Magee, however the color was never presented on the production toy.

He informed “Driver on Road” that insiders believe the designers brought the cars home for their children to play with, so a few ended up in circulation.

rare hot wheels camaro

What makes this one especially unique is that it is the only one with a made in Hong Kong chassis, something no one has been able to explain.

Magee, recognized as America’s Toy Scout, stated he discovered it while searching through a series of cars in a nondescript carry case and has consulted a number of experts regarding its authenticity.

Magee described it as a “Holy Grail” during a press release about the discovery, and stated it’s one among the three rarest Hot Wheels within the world, alongside with a prototype Olds 442 and also the Beach Bomb custom van prototype that Hot Wheels maker Mattel says is worth $150,000.

rare hot wheels camaro
The 1968 Custom Camaro was one of the original “Sweet 16” Hot Wheels cars. (Mattel)

Magee didn’t reveal what he paid for the Rare Hot Wheels Camaro — which would’ve been really worth $0.59 when new — but he thinks he can get a minimum of $100,000 for it today.

Don’t expect to find out if that is accurate any time soon, though, because for now, he said he is just glad to have it in his collection.

It might be time to clean out your parents basement.

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